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Scaled orders
Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

With scaled orders, you can set multiple orders at once. This lets you implement the most sophisticated trading strategies with ease.

How and when to use it? For example, if you'd like to consistently sell portions of some currency in case it's the price is increasing. Usually, you would have to create a whole lot of sell orders manually, specifying the desired amount, and the price each time. With scaled orders, you can noticeably speed up this process.

Check out the "Scaled" tab in the order creation window.

  • Specify the amount of coins you'd like to sell in the "Amount" section

  • "Price step" defines the distance between the orders' prices

  • Your orders' prices will be fit in the interval between "Price min" and "Price max"

  • The resulting amount of orders will be displayed in the "Order count" field.

Now it's time to customize your order! Hit the "Settings" icon on the top right.

  • Select the "Flat" option to make all of your orders equal in amount

  • Select "Up" or "Down" to make your orders' amounts to increase or decrease with the price growing

  • Hit the "Show" button to preview your orders and make sure that they are set up correctly.

Once you're ready, hit "Sell Scaled". Multiple orders will be created immediately and every one of them will be recorded separately in your Reports section. You are able to cancel them independently.

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