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Common verification mistakes
Common verification mistakes

The most common KYC mistakes

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

Please double-check if you have made any of the following mistakes. It’s a mistake and slows your verification process.


  1. To enter your initials or a nickname. You should enter your real full name the way it’s stated in your ID;

  2. To enter your name, not in Latin characters;

Phone number

  1. To enter your phone number without the country code;

  2. Not to verify your phone number;


  1. To enter your address in the wrong format or not in Latin characters;

  2. To enter not the actual address that you cannot prove with a document;


  1. To upload a copy of your ID, not the original document;

  2. To upload an edited scan; to crop or edit the photo in any way;

  3. To cover necessary information with your fingers, objects, or graphics;

  4. To upload an ID that expires in the next six months; to upload a damaged ID card;

  5. To upload another person’s document. Please, never do that.


  1. To take a selfie not holding your ID in your hand;

  2. To take a selfie holding another document in your hand. You would need to take a selfie with the same document that you have provided as your ID;

  3. To upload a selfie that has not been taken the day you upload it;

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