Forks and Airdrops
Written by Mia Lee
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As an exchange, we support important events in the blockchain industry such as forks and airdrops.

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Forks describe updates to a blockchain protocol. Sometimes forks create a new version of a cryptocurrency. In case of the creation of a new currency, we will let you know ahead of time if the newly created version will be supported.

During an airdrop, token projects are giving away their tokens for free to their community. Often there are certain requirements to qualify for the airdrop such a holding a specific amount of currency or following them on social media.
To learn more about the requirements for a certain airdrop, check out the T&C's of the company conducting the airdrop.

When do I receive Airdrop tokens?

As an exchange, we are providing a platform for token projects to distribute their tokens. We don't control the timeline so, please refer to the official website of the token project conducting the airdrop for details.

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