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Zcoin will be listed on January 10th 2020
Zcoin will be listed on January 10th 2020

Privacy coin Zcoin will be available on exchange from 10.01.2020

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

FMFW Exchange is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of Zcoin on the trading platform. With Zcoin the exchange is increasing the number of assets available to trade to 28.

Zcoin is a privacy-enhancing cryptocurrency that solves the lack of privacy in other popular blockchains. As cryptocurrency-knowledgeable users might know, bitcoin and the like don’t provide real anonymity but rather pseudonymity. The default re-use of the same public wallet for several transactions makes it even easier to track streams and as soon as this public wallet address can be connected to a person, privacy will be destroyed.

Zcoin addresses this problem by implementing zero-knowledge-proofs, that enable users to transact without disclosing which coins belong to them. Furthermore, before spending Zcoins, users will burn them deleting any previous track and mint new Zcoins to spend. The protocol running with an ASIC-resistant Merkle-Tree-Proof algorithm prevents centralization of mining power while allowing anyone with a simple CPU to start mining Zcoins. Overall Zcoin’s mission is to accomplish what bitcoin couldn’t: privacy, fungibility and miner decentralization.

With the listing on the FMFW Exchange, Zcoin will be made available to a broader audience and allow traders to start using the privacy-enhancing coin.

This was also highlighted by FMFW Exchange COO Danish Chaudhry who stated:

“We are very excited to list Zcoin as we share a common goal of enabling people to economic freedom and transacting in private without worrying who is watching is definitely part of that. We are looking forward to spreading the word about the importance of privacy in the digital age together with the Zcoin community.”

Similarly, Project Steward of Zcoin Reuben Yap emphasized that:

“In a time where exchanges are concerned about cryptocurrencies with privacy-enhancing technologies, it is encouraging that there are exchanges like FMFW that are willing to defend the right to privacy, an essential element in making public blockchains usable for real-world use and also protecting the personal right to having control of your financial resources.”

Zcoin will be listed on FMFW Exchange from January 10th with BCH base pair.

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