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Alliance Cargo Direct will be listing ACD Coin on FMFW Exchange
Alliance Cargo Direct will be listing ACD Coin on FMFW Exchange

On the 27.11.2019 ACD Coin will be listed on FMFW Exchange

Written by Mia Lee
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FMFW Exchange announced today that they will be listing ACD coin on Friday this week. ACD coin is already available on Digifinex and coinsuper. By listing on FMFW Exchange, ACD expects to increase availability for their token as well as awareness.

ACD coin was issued in 2018 by Alliance Cargo Direct, a Japanese technology company that is focusing on solving challenges in the e-commerce business. As a subsidiary of ANA Holdings, a major logistics and airline company, Alliance Cargo Direct is leveraging the logistics network of ANA in combination with blockchain to facilitate and speed up payment processes.

Initially built on Ethereum, the Alliance Cargo Direct team partnered in March 2019 with FMFW to migrate their token to the Simple-Ledger-Protocol (SLP). SLP is a token-system built on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain offering users low-cost transactions and high scalability, which makes it a perfect fit for payments.

ACD coin is a utility token that can be used on the Alliance cargo platform or for purchases in more than 1000 retail stores in Japan. To incentivize users of ACD coin, Alliance Cargo Direct has announced buy-backs in collaboration with FMFW earlier this year. During the time of the campaign for every purchase customers made with ACD coin or BCH, a percentage of that purchase will be used to buy-back ACD coins. When announcing the campaign, Roger Ver, executive chairman of FMFW declared that, “the more stores start accepting ACD or BCH, the more the team can buy-back. […]. I am a holder of ACD token and really excited to see this coming to thousands of stores in Japan.” (Source)

Following the Listing, FMFW Exchange and Alliance Cargo Direct will continue to bring user discounts and promotional campaigns.

About ACD Coin
ACD Coin Project (“ACD”) is a project developed by ACD Inc., a JV company of ANA HOLDINGS, a world-renowned airline. ACD provides blockchain projects and aims to optimize e-commerce environment all over the world to improve convenience for customers and merchants alike. ACD is bringing blockchain and tokenization into the cross-border e-commerce and logistics industry. ACD’s holistic solutions cover different areas and flows including e-commerce, pre-clearance and international delivery.

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