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Our Fee structure
Our Fee structure

Learn more about our fees and how they are structured

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago employs a maker-taker model for fees, with the purpose of maximizing liquidity and narrowing the spread on our markets, as well as encouraging market-makers.

In a maker-taker model, the "taker" is a trader who removes the liquidity from the book by placing an order that matches immediately with an existing order on the book. The Taker pays the fee from the committed trade.

The "maker" is a trader who provides liquidity to the order book by placing a limit order below the best ask price for buy and above the best bid price for sell.

On, "Takers" and “Makers” are charged fees according to the further fee structure:

If you have questions about our fee structure, feel free to reach out to our support using the chat widget in the right corner of the screen. We're happy to help.

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