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Happy New Chinese Year!
Happy New Chinese Year!

Let's celebrate the Year of the Tiger together!

Written by Mia Lee
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50% Fee Discount on selected pairs!

It's the Chinese New Year and we're celebrating in style! 2022 is a year of the Water Tiger, "Tigers are courageous and active people who love a good challenge and adventure in life. Their ambitions run sky-high, they're adventurers with the courage to be a pioneer in the line of work they choose. They work tirelessly to realize their dream of changing the world in some way, one step at a time." is on a mission to "free the money, free the world", so traders, let's all become tigers and who knows, this might be the year!

A Water Tiger Year occurs every 60 years, thus a perfect reason to celebrate it together! will lower the fees to a 50% on the following trading pairs from Tuesday, February the 1st at 19:00 UTC to Wednesday, February the 16th at 23:59 UTC.

You can benefit from a 50% trading fee discount on:

Make yours what the Tigers of the world have to say traders.

"Work tirelessly to realize your dream of changing the world in some way, one step at a time". Let's do so guys, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Terms & Conditions apply

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion applies to selected USDT pairs as it follows: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, DOGE/USDT, BCH/USDT, STC/USDT.

  2. Users who wish to participate in the promotion must have an account.

  3. The promotion runs between February 1st at 19:00UTC to Wednesday, February 16th at 23:59UTC, ("Promotion Period").

  4. The 50% discount on trading fees is only applicable when trading on during the designated promotion period.

  5. The 50% discount on trading fees applies to Spot and Margin Trading only. Any futures trading is out of scope for this promotion.

  6. reserves the right to cancel it or amend its terms or conditions unilaterally without prior notification. All existing terms and conditions on the website apply to this promotion.

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