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Hey hey, Traders!

LISK has many hot news that want to share with the community, that's why we'll be hosting a live AMA with Monica Tartau, Head of Marketing at LISK.

Lisk is a blockchain application form. They make blockchain accessible by creating a world in which everyone benefits from their innovative technology. As they claim, it is "Your Gateway into Blockchain", go find out why!

Don't forget to prepare your questions, we will be giving away $500 worth of $LSK for those going through all the steps required here 🫲! πŸ”₯

To clarify, the only way to be eligible for the $500 prize is by completing this form - PRESS THIS LINK TO PARTICIPATE.

Terms and Conditions apply

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Winners will need to provide us with their email address linked to their Exchange account.

  2. Prizes will be awarded to accounts only.

  3. In order to be eligible to win, community members must submit their question/s through the following form

  4. Questions must be submitted no later than Tuesday, June 21st, 12:00 am UTC.

  5. The team will pick up the winners in the next 24 hours after the end of the AMA. They will contact all the winners via Twitter, so please don't change your Twitter username for 24 hours after the AMA.

  6. If winners don't respond within 3 days after the AMA, they will not be eligible for the price anymore.

  7. The user needs to be present during the entire AMA.

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