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Join the Ambassador Program
Join the Ambassador Program

Join the Ambassador Program and start earning crypto commissions today!

Written by Mia Lee
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Dear Community,

The Ambassador Program opens the door to the most passionate, knowledgeable and driven crypto enthusiasts out there, offering them the opportunity to earn while making a meaningful impact on the future of our entire industry.

The ambassadors are the key to your favorite CEX successful development and joining forces with us comes with a multitude of benefits.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to join the ambassador program and the benefits of doing so.

Why you should become an Ambassador: The Benefits

  1. Earn up to 60% of your referrals’ spot and margin trading fees;

  2. Enjoy additional fixed monthly payments (from 500 USDT to 3,000 USDT);

  3. For the time that you are an ambassador you have 50% discount on spot and margin trading (the minimum trading fee level is 0.03% taker/maker);

  4. Сustomise your referral link. Choose between 0 and 50% discount for your referrals;

  5. Honored status as an Official Ambassador;

  6. Direct contact with the Team with tech support included (subject to terms of service);

  7. Social Media traffic via association with our channels through promotion and AMAs;

  8. Gain experience and knowledge from a seasoned team of professionals, through ongoing communication and collaboration between the ambassadors and our team.

Who can become an Ambassador: The requirements

  1. Have at least 500 followers on at least one of your social media accounts;

  2. Understand the crypto world and be around the Crypto/Blockchain space at least for 12 months;

  3. Have crypto trading experience and be able to promote the exchange’s key features;

  4. Cover letter explaining why you would be a great fit and how would you bring more users on the exchange.

How to become an Ambassador: The onboarding process

  1. Create an account at -;

  2. Invite at least 10 new users with your referral link (they should create an account and deposit at least 10$ in any cryptocurrency) -;

  3. Fill up this form (please note if you haven't received an answer within 14 days of filling up this form, please send a higher quality application) :

  4. Pass an interview with the marketing team

  5. Get your title of the official Ambassador

  6. Get promotional material from the marketing team

Please note: Selected applicants must pass the KYC process and start the onboarding process within 7 days of being contacted by the team. Failing to do so will lead to not being considered for the ambassador position.

How will the team support you: Our collaboration

  1. Show you around the exchange to familiarize you with the functionality;

  2. Share insights about the exchange’s new features;

  3. Help edit your copy (only applicable to English-speaking social media pages);

  4. Prepare visuals for your social media;

  5. Provide statistics to help you track your performance;

  6. Get our team on AMA sessions with you across different platforms.

All ambassadors can earn additional fixed monthly payments (from 500 USDT to 3,000 USDT) if they fulfill Criteria II + Criteria I or/and Criteria III (Criteria II is mandatory) for each level presented below:


Criteria I


Criteria II

Monthly referrals trading volume

Criteria III

Invited users

Max Spot and margin discount for you and your referrals

Fixed monthly payment


≥500 across all social media platform

≥ 1,000,000 USDT



500 USDT


≥2,000 across all social media platform

≥ 2,000,000 USDT



1,000 USDT


≥10,000 across all social media platform

≥ 7,500,000 USDT



3,000 USDT


≥25,000 across all social media platform

Special Conditions

Special Conditions

Special Conditions

Special Conditions

Terms & conditions apply

Тerms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions, together with the information provided in the introduction (where there is a conflict these terms and conditions shall prevail) govern the ambassador program (the “Ambassador Program”) and shall form part of the User Agreement in place between and each user.

  1. The Ambassador Program offers discounts on the fees paid whilst trading, referral payments to Ambassadors, and fixed monthly payments if the stated criteria is met by a qualifying Ambassador. The discount provided on such fees, referral payments to Ambassadors, and fixed monthly payments are subject to change at any time unilaterally without prior notification, as part of a promotion or other event held by All existing terms and conditions on the Exchange website apply to this promotion. All changes to the Ambassador Program will be detailed atLINK TO THE SUPPORT ARTICLE

  2. The Ambassador Program is limited to one account per person. In the event that a user is found to have multiple accounts, only referrals from one account will be rewarded.

  3. Each Ambassador candidate needs to pass the KYC on -

  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by a user, or amount of rewards that can be earned by a user if a user is in compliance with these terms and conditions.

  5. The rewards earned in this Ambassador Program will be paid in USDT ERC-20 to Ambassador’s account.

  6. The rewards earned in this referral program will be paid once per week.

  7. The fixed payments will be paid once per month.

  8. 10% of the total weekly amount of rewards earned by the Ambassador is deducted by as an administration fee.

  9. Example of referral program logic. Let’s say that FMFW Ltd. standard trading fee is 1% (that's an example of trading fee, our actual fees are much lower). Let’s say that your friend joins our exchange through your referral link. If your friend would make a purchase of $100, he would pay $0.5 (1% of his trading fee minus the 50% discount that you gave to him) and you would earn $0.225 (50% is your referral fee minus 10%, considered a service commission).

  10. The minimum referral payout is $5. If the total sum is below this number, the referral will not be credited.

  11. It is forbidden for users to repeatedly post (spam) their referral links in online public spaces or to unsolicited recipients in a misleading or dishonest manner or in a manner that could be considered to constitute a nuisance, or in the context of material which contains dishonest, false or misleading information about, or tarnishes its reputation. Any user discovered to be engaging the type of activity described in this term will be automatically disqualified from the Ambassador Program.

  12. Participating in the referral program does not create any form of agency, partnership, employment or any other kind of joint enterprise between the end user and

  13. retains the right to deactivate a user's account and/or recoup from the user’s account any referral awards if the user is suspected of breaching the terms of the referral program or any terms of the User Agreement.

  14. retains the right to change the terms of the referral program at any given time at its absolute discretion.

  15. Ambassadors can’t be the citizens and can’t invite citizens of the following countries and regions: Afghanistan, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, China, Crimea and Sevastopol, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe. For more information please visit -

  16. Participation in the Ambassador Program is limited to one exchange account per legal or natural person. Persons found to have competed with more than one exchange account will be disqualified from the Ambassador Program.

  17. By participating, you confirm the following: "I accept that performing using multiple accounts during the promotion will lead to me being excluded from the promotion. All Exchanges's decision is final and binding".

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