Dear Traders!

September 2nd marks our 3rd Anniversary and we are ready to celebrate in style. To kickstart our Birthday celebration and launch our NEARStarter partnership, we are hosting a trading contest with a twist, where NEARStarter top ranked traders will compete for 100s Limited-Edition x NEARStarter NFTs, exclusive merchandise, VIP Discord access, huge trading discounts on and more!

Let’s dive in and see how you can start trading yourself to the top of the leaderboard and bag yourself some seriously enviable prizes!

The Prizes

  • 150 Super Limited edition NEARStarter x Birthday NFTs

  • Limited edition NEARStarter x merchandise

  • Access to NEARStarter VIP Discord roles and channels

  • Discounts on trading fees up to 70% for a 1000+ traders

How to participate: Trade your way to the top

Complete these simple steps in order to be eligible on our Sweepwidget page:

  1. Join the contest on the Sweepwidget page(link)

  2. Follow NEARStarter’s Telegram channel

  3. Follow NEARStarter’s Twitter channel

  4. Follow FMFW’s Telegram channel

  5. Follow FMFW’s Telegram channel

  6. Join the NEARStarter Discord channel

  7. Retweet the announcement post & tag 2 friends

  8. Trade a minimum of $10 in any cryptocurrency to be eligible to win, but remember to increase your trading volume in order to reach the top of the leaderboard

The NEARStarter x contest will reward over 1000 winners at the end of the competition.

The contest will run between September 2nd and September 12th and your best shot at ending on top of the leaderboard is to trade, trade, trade spot and margin and be sure to complete all the social media actions listed above!

The leaderboard will be shared with the participants and the rest of the community on and NEARStarter’s social media channels.

But this is just the start of the NEARStarter x anniversary party! Keep an eye on our channels, we have another exciting NEARStarter contest coming during September, and you will not want to miss that one!

We are looking forward to celebrating our 3rd anniversary with the NEARStarter community and with our passionate community of traders!



1 - 40

Limited Edition NEARStarter x NFT
Exclusive NEARStarter x Merch
50% trading fee discount on

41- 150

Limited Edition NEARStarter x NFT
50% Trading fee discount on

151- 450

70% Trading fee discount on

451 - 1001

50% Trading fee discount on

Terms and conditions apply.*

Terms and conditions

  1. The contest runs between September 2nd at 10:00 AM UTC and runs until September 12th, 00:00:01 UTC, ("Promotion Period").

  2. Participation in the NEARstarter Contest is limited to one trader account per legal or natural person. Traders found to have competed with more than one trader account will be disqualified from the competition.

  3. To be eligible for a prize, your trading volume during the competition should be equivalent to at least 10 USD.

  4. Market makers and users with a special custom fee which does not depend on the trading volume, are not eligible for this contest.

  5. Prizes will be allocated within 3 weeks after the ending date of the competition. Physical prizes will be shipped within 3 weeks of the ending date of the competition. In case of any delay, users will be notified by FMFW through social media or via email.

  6. To receive a Non-Fungible Token, the winner needs to provide an external NEAR wallet address that supports NFT within 14 days after receiving a request from FMFW. In case the winner fails to provide a valid address within the specified period, they will no longer be entitled to claim the prize allocation. In case the provided wallet does not support NFT, team cannot be held responsible for trouble accessing the token after allocation.

  7. To receive a Merchandise piece, the winner needs to provide a valid physical shipping address within 14 days after receiving a request from FMFW. In case the winner fails to provide shipping information within the specified period, they will no longer be entitled to claim the prize allocation. If the winner fails to provide sizing info on request, a Large size piece will be sent by default.

  8. Participants shall not change their Twitter handle, telegram, or Discord handle within 21 days after the end of the contest, as this will serve to confirm their participation.

  9. Fake accounts and bots are not eligible for the contest.

  10. The trading fees discounts won by participants will be applied to their accounts on September 28th and will last until October 12th. The min trading fee level for spot and margin trading is 0.03% for taker and maker sides.

  11. will announce the winners of the contest within 7 days after the competition ends, and we will reach out to winning participants within 7 days after the end of the contest via email or by mentioning them in our announcement post.

  12. To receive the Reward, winners will need to create an account on Exchange and share the email address with us used to register for the account. Winners of NFTs will need to provide their NEAR wallet address. Winners of Merchandise will need to provide a shipping address to receive their prizes; in order to do that, the winner needs to message [email protected] with their full name and shipping address including ZIP code.

  13. "Trading Volume" is defined as the sum of a trader's total buys and sells (excluding wash trades) of all trading pairs on exchange. We calculate Trading Volume in the following way: Trading Volume = Sum (executed buys of each pair) + Sum (executed sells of each pair).

  14. The NEARStarter Contest is hosted by FMFW Ltd. The terms and conditions of this competition form part of the User Agreement. The Exchange reserves the right to cancel the NEARStarter Contest or amend its terms or conditions unilaterally without prior notification. All existing terms and conditions on the Exchange website apply to this NEARStarter Contest.

  15. By participating, you confirm the following: "I accept that performing wash trades and using multiple accounts during one trading competition will lead to my being excluded from the competition. Exchanges's decision is final and binding".

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