What is Ethereum POW

On September 15th 2022, the Ethereum blockchain successfully transitioned from a PoW(Proof-of-Work) consensus mechanism to a PoS(Proof-of-Stake) one. Before the Merge was completed, ETHW or PoW Ethereum was created, a forked version of the Ethereum blockchain that still uses the PoW consensus.

EveryFMFW.io Exchange trader that held at least 0.001 ETH at 2022-09-15 at 06:42:42 UTC in their exchange account is eligible for the ETH PoW Airdrop.

You can find a simple guide on how to claim your airdrop below.

How to claim your ETH PoW (ETHW)?

The Ethereum Merge was completed when the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) of 58750000000000000000000 was achieved at the ETH mainnet block height of 15,537,393 https://etherscan.io/block/15537393 or 2022-09-15 06:42:42 (UTC). Since that every FMFW.io user who held at least 0.001 ETH at 2022-09-15 06:42:42 (UTC) is eligible for the ETH PoW airdrop (airdrop ratio is 1:1).

Please note, the deadline for claiming your ETHW Airdrop is 15th October 23:59 UTC. If you don’t claim your ETHW Airdrop by this date and time, you won’t be able to claim your ETH PoW afterwards.

Here is the step by step guide:

1) Login to your FMFW.io account

2) Visit the following page: https://fmfw.io/account

3) Ensure you put a tick near “Show zero balances”

4) Type “ETHW” into the search bar

5) Click “Claim the Airdrop” near ETHW and wait for a few minutes

Done, now you will get your ETHW tokens!

Please Note: ETHW withdrawals will be open within a 10 days period, but you can enjoy trading with ETHW/USDT pair right now.

In case you have any questions feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

Happy Trading!

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