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Start 2023 on a high - Refer and win $2500 USDT
Start 2023 on a high - Refer and win $2500 USDT

Our referral competition is back for you to start your year the right way: with a heavier wallet!

Written by Mia Lee
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Dear Traders,

There is a right way to kick off the year, and that way is doing it high from the start. To help you do so, we are giving away $2,500 USDT to the traders that invite the most active friends to the family.

It’s as easy as it looks, the more you refer, the more you can earn!


The Referral Program Competition will last weeks, between 6th January 2023 and 6th February. The prize will be divided based on the following basis:





1000 USDT

At least 90 points


400 USDT

At least 40 points


310 USDT

At least 30 points


250 USDT

At least 25 points


200 USDT

At least 20 points


150 USDT

At least 15 points


100 USDT

At least 10 points



At least 5 points



At least 3 points



At least 2 points

Rules and Eligibility Conditions

You will need to join the $2,500 USDT Referral Competition, here

If your invitees don’t meet the minimum deposit and trading criteria below, they will not count as eligible referrals.

An eligible referral (the person who registered with your referral link) must:

  • Join Exchange using your special referral code

  • Deposit at least $50 and accumulate at least $100 of total trading volume using any cryptocurrency on Exchange by performing any amount of trades during the promotion period

Each eligible referral rewards you with 1 point on the leaderboard.

How to gain extra points

Here’s how you can earn extra points and claim a top spot:

  1. In addition, each eligible referral can bring you 4 extra points for having $250 (any leverage) trading volume on margin trading between 6th January 2023 and 6th February 2023.

  2. Finally, each eligible referral can bring you extra 5 points for having $1000 (any leverage) trading volume on futures trading between between 6th January 2023 to 6th February 2023.

  3. The more active your referrals are, the higher your chances will be to grab the top spot.

If you want to learn more about how our referral program works, check out our dedicated guide here.

Terms and conditions apply.


  1. The Referral Program Competition is limited to one account per person. In the event that a user is found to have multiple accounts, may disqualify the participant or deduct points earned in a dishonest way.

  2. Only the new referrals joined between 6th January 2023 to 5th February 2023 23:59:59 UTC could be considered as eligible referrals.

  3. All referrals that have any form of family connections with the referee will not be considered as the eligible referrals.

  4. If more than 20% of total number of eligible referrals will be deemed as fake or fraudulent, the referee will be disqualified.

  5. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by a user, or amount of rewards that can be earned by a user if a user is in compliance with these terms and conditions.

  6. Referred users who have registered will receive 50% off their trading fees for 90 days.

  7. Referees will receive 50% of the trading fee charged to the referred user who has traded in accordance with clause 4 of these terms and conditions. Referees will be entitled to receive this promotion from the date of registration of their referred user who has registered and commenced trading on the exchange and for 90 days.

  8. The rewards earned in this Referral Program Competition will be paid in USDT or USDC.

  9. The rewards earned in the Referral Program Competition will be paid 3 weeks from the day the competition ended.

  10. It is forbidden for users to repeatedly post (spam) their referral links in online public spaces or to unsolicited recipients in a misleading or dishonest manner or in a manner that could be considered to constitute a nuisance, or in the context of material which contains dishonest, false or misleading information about, or tarnishes its reputation. Any user discovered to be engaging the type of activity described in this term will be automatically disqualified from the referral program competition.

  11. Participating in the referral program does not create any form of agency, partnership, employment or any other kind of joint enterprise between the end user and FMFW.

  12. FMFW retains the right to deactivate a user's account and/or recoup from the user’s account any referral awards if the user is suspected of breaching the terms of the referral program or any terms of the User Agreement.

  13. FMFW retains the right to change the terms of the referral program at any given time at its absolute discretion.

  14. New referrals may be subject to’s KYC requirements.

  15. All user terms and conditions found on the website are applicable.

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