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Perform a trade
Perform a trade
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1. Transfer your funds to the trading account.

To start trading, you need to transfer funds from Wallet to Spot. Just hit the blue arrow between the accounts. Specify the necessary amount and click "Transfer".

2. Set up an order

After your coins have been transferred to the Trading account, proceed to the trading terminal, select a trading pair in the Instruments section, and set up an order.

There are 4 types of orders available: market, limit, stop, and stop limit. A brief description of each type is available upon hovering your cursor over the question mark.

Find out more about order types: Market orders, Limit orders, Scaled orders.

This is what the purchasing of 0.1 BCH via a market order on the BCH/ETH market looks like.

Hit "Buy" to perform the trade.

The history of your trades on the particular market is available in the "My Orders and Trades" sections nearby. Please note that your canceled and rejected orders are being shown there for a 24 hour period.
โ€‹3. Manage your trades

To learn more about managing your trading process, check out the following articles:

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