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Introducing sub-accounts
Introducing sub-accounts

Learn what you can do with the new sub-account feature

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

The sub-account feature allows anyone to create several accounts within one main account to better keep track of investments or to follow different trading strategies independently.

Businesses can use sub-accounts to set up multiple accounts within a single organization providing their employees with controlled access and limited control. Sub-accounts can serve to separate funds for cryptocurrency trading and funds can easily be transferred from master to sub-accounts and vice versa.

The master account is simply a regular user account that has been assigned a list of several sub-accounts.

The sub-account feature includes:

  • Creation of up to 500,000 (five hundred thousand) sub-accounts

  • Overview of trading activity across all sub-accounts

  • Free transfer of funds between sub-accounts

  • Full control of sub-accounts: separate 2FA for each account, removal of API keys, orders, and passwords, ability to freeze specific sub-accounts, and more

  • Verification level and withdrawal fees will automatically be inherited by sub-account when the master account is updated.

What’s required to create a sub-account?

  • The sub-account should be registered to a new email

  • Every sub-account has to be set up with a proprietary 2FA

  • Before trading, sub-accounts will have to transfer funds from the main account to the trading account.

How to create a sub-account?

You will find the button to create a sub-account on your account page once you’ve verified your account. Please note, that the account you originally created on will become your master account.

To get started, simply click on the “Create sub-account” button, enter an email address, and confirm your password.

After this, your account will have the “invited” status:

To finalize the set-up of your sub-account, simply click on the secure link that has been sent to the email you used to create the sub-account. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the creation of the new sub-account and you’re good to go.

Managing your sub-accounts

By default withdrawals are disabled on all sub-accounts. You can easily enable them by clicking on the settings button, checking the sub-accounts you want to enable withdrawals on and then click “enable withdrawals”. All the chosen accounts will then be able to handle withdrawals. Likewise, you can choose to freeze specific accounts, which will stop all activity on the frozen accounts or unfreeze them at any point.

Transferring funds between accounts
To transfer funds between different sub-accounts or between the main and one sub-account, just go on the transfer funds button in your account, choose the accounts between which you want to transfer, specify the amount and confirm the transaction.

Tracking sub-account activities

You can track all your sub-accounts activities easily via the main account, you will be able to see an overview of sub-account activity on your account page. You can also review and export historical data from your account page or on the reports section.

To manage your API keys, either click on the "API keys" settings button in your sub-account section or alternatively choose the "API keys" settings in your master account and then choose the sub-account you want to manage.

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