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Where do I find the transaction hash?
Where do I find the transaction hash?

Learn how you can find the transaction hash of any transaction.

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

The transaction hash for each transaction can be found at the bottom of your Account page at the "Latest transactions" section and on the Payment History tab of the reports page.

In "Latest transactions", the transaction hash can be seen by clicking the "?" button next to the status column. Please note that the hash is being formed within a certain period of time after the withdrawal has been initiated. How long this process takes depends on the network load.

To locate your transaction on the blockchain explorer, just click the transaction hash. The page of this transaction on the blockchain explorer will open so that you can confirm the status.

Apart from the transaction hash, each transaction has an internal id that looks like this: bqb389fa4-813a-47b6-e8fh-2ebe207c1a2h.

Please note that this id defines a transaction only on our website, it will not help you locate your transaction on the blockchain.

Why do you need a transaction id?
In case your withdrawal is pending without a transaction hash, it will be the only identifier for your withdrawal when submitting a request to our support team.

Transfers between main and trading accounts are reflected in the same section and don't have transaction hashes as these are internal transactions not sent to the blockchain.

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