I can't withdraw a coin/token
Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

You can monitor the status of all currencies performance on the tour System Monitor page. There you can get a look into our operations and monitor different currencies' performance. On the System Monitor page, you will also find the average time deposits and withdrawals need to be processed.

If you are not able to withdraw a coin or token, there are four possible reasons:

Wallet maintenance

If you see that withdrawals of some currency are offline, this means in most cases that the wallet is being updated.

Wallets are complicated software products developed by the creators of each currency. We regularly check the software to maintain the highest security levels. We are always doing our best to implement the updates as soon as possible. Once you see that the status in System Monitor changed to green, you should be able to proceed to withdraw your funds once again.


If you are using a whitelist for your withdrawal addresses, there are three reasons why you might not be able to withdraw.

  1. A new address added to your whitelist. When this happens, your withdrawals will be disabled for 48 hours.

  2. After disabling your whitelist, withdrawals will remain disabled for 48 hours.

  3. You are trying to withdraw your funds to a non-whitelisted address.

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