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Why are some cryptocurrencies offline?
Why are some cryptocurrencies offline?

Learn why cryptocurrencies on our exchange are sometimes offline

Written by Mia Lee
Updated over a week ago

Our exchange consists of many parts, which are carefully designed and engineered to work seamlessly together. The matching engine, exchange interface, API - all these components are controlled by us and will always be online.

However, we are not in control of the coins software.
We do not develop wallet software, we just use this software.

And we're not talking about a regular wallet for single-person use. Our traders require a robust wallet that is capable of performing dozens of operations per second as well as staying secure and online at all times. Unless a wallet meets the highest quality requirements, we cannot allow it to operate with our traders' funds.

Wallet maintenance is a major part of our work. We hold the record for the number of coins available for trading. Behind every coin, there is a team developing coin software, making changes, updates, facing issues. We are constantly in touch with our partners, providing mutual assistance. We also can (and often do) make our own changes in the wallet software to adapt it to our traders' needs. In most cases you won't even notice that a certain wallet was down for maintenance - we work fast.

Still, on rare occasions, it can take a significant amount of time to safely launch a wallet.

The reliability and safety of our traders' funds are our top priorities. Rest assured, that your coins are safe with us and we are taking every measure to keep it this way. Even if it requires a wallet to be offline for longer than usual.

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