Where is my deposit?

Deposited to your exchange account, but can't find the deposit?

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If your deposit is not reflected on your account, please check out all possible reasons for that below.

In case you can't find your case, please contact us directly via the chat icon in the right corner.

  • Check if the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain

Locate your transaction by inserting the transaction hash on the corresponding blockchain explorer website and check the status.

If your transaction hasn't been confirmed yet, allow some more time for confirmation or contact the sending party support team for assistance.

For more information, please refer to confirmation requirements.

  • Make sure that you’ve been using the correct address

For each and every currency there’s a separate address. For example, it’s not possible to send BTC to a USDT address. In case you’ve accidentally sent one currency to another currency's address, more likely it's not possible to recover the funds.

  • Check currency performance on the System Monitor page

We are updating our wallets software on a regular basis. During the update process, there’s a notification in the “Deposits” section. You may also check the status of each coin on the System Monitor page. Red field means that deposits are temporarily switched off for the currency.

Once the update is completed, some time is required for wallets to be synchronized with the blockchain. That’s why your deposit could take a bit longer to proceed. Don't worry, it won't be lost.

If the "Deposits" field of the currency is green, check the current time of processing in the next column. It depends on the network load and sometimes may take several hours or more. It is not possible to speed up deposit processing.

  • Make sure you send an integrated coin

If you deposited a coin to your address that is not integrated, it's not possible to credit it to your account or send it back to your external wallet.

How to make sure the currency is integrated? Please look up the currency's ticker on the System Monitor page. If it's not there, it means that we do not have this currency integrated yet.

  • For ETH tokens: make sure you send original tokens

Please see Where is my ETH token deposit? for instructions.

  • If none of the above is your case

If you can not find the reason why your deposit is being delayed, please contact us by tapping the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen.

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